Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fascinating Lighting Experiences

So what's lighting our lives but these fascinating designs that we've been blown away by. Imagine having these in our own space. Of course with our rugs strewn on the floor and these lights overhead, it would make for pure transitional magic!

These are our four fantastic picks and they are truly inspiring:

Luisa de los Santos Robinson's Dragon's Tail Lamp is Magically Luminous


Mythical creatures have always fascinated modern societies, especially after being popularized in such books and movies as the ‘Harry Potter’ series or even ‘Lord of the Rings’; therefore it is only natural that the Dragon’s Tail Lamp would equally fascinate us contemporary folk. It is perfect for those who are fans of such magical realms as well as households with children who have limitless imaginations.

Designed by Luisa de los Santos Robinson, the Dragon’s Tail Lamp is sharply textured, like the spiked skin of the dragons it mimics or even the crisp folds of origami art. As to the latter, this pendant light fixture does look to be made out of some kind of paper material. Available in white and parchment, the Dragon’s Tail Lamp comes in a slew of different shapes and sizes, as though actually made from real dragon tails.

Lukas Peet’s Table Lights Shield Our Eyes From Glares


Although there has been a growing appreciation for incandescent light bulbs, Lukas Peet’s Table Lights collection addresses an important criticism of these most recent redesigns. Instead of hiding them beneath lampshades, these newly artistic light bulbs have been bared for all to see, but that results in an uncomfortable glare.

Lukas Peet’s Table Lights offer an interesting solution. He has covered half of the bulbs with a mirror-like finish to shield our eyes from any unpleasant glares while also producing some stunning effects. Lukas Peet’s Spectacular model, for instance, is inspired by the reflections and rays of light, which are intensified by his strategic placement of this mirror finish. Lukas Peet’s Diffuse model, on the other hand, creates a softer illumination.

Alexandra Snook Creates Sculpturally Minimalist Furniture

Alexandra Snook creates whimsical pieces of furniture that are stunningly sculptural and yet completely practical as well. With a particular fascination with translucent white polypropylene, she creates designs that are uniquely intricate with an overall minimalist aesthetic due to her use of one color and material.

As a recent Rhode Island School of Design Master of Fine Arts graduate, Alexandra Snook’s designs are surprisingly accomplished. So much so that I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw of these lamps or seats in the window of a furniture shop sometime in the very near future.

The bends and details seen throughout Alexandra Snook’s work denote a huge amount of talent and skill, not to mention vision and determination. Alexandra Snook also designs belt buckles and necklaces.

Nervous System's Hyphae Lamp is Modeled After a Leaf

Although the Hyphae Lamp looks strikingly singular, it isn’t the first time a light fixture or even a piece of furniture has been inspired by nature (and leaves, to be more specific). There is an ethereal element to this particular design that sets it apart from other lamps that have been seen in the past.

Designed by the Nervous System studio, Hyphae Lamp was created via a complex 3D computing process, which more accurately copied the intricate details of the structure of a plant leaf so as to be more natural and unique. Even more intriguing, each Hyphae Lamp is actually grown through a controlled process based on the Auxin Flux Canalization theory, which was developed by the University of Calgary’s Algorithmic Botany group. Nervous System applied it to the Hyphae Lamp so that no two lamps are alike, a characteristic also applicable to leaves.

Aren't they all just brilliant!

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