Thursday, March 1, 2012

Rya Rugs

Detail of Rya Rug
Rya rugs are traditional Scandinavian wool rugs with a long pile (1 to 3 inches). The first Rya rugs were made in the 15th Century. Rya means "rug' in English, the original meaning of the name was in Swedish meant a bed cover with a knotted pile.

Rya Bed Cover
Ryas are a knotted pile carpet with each knot composed of 3 strands of wool. They are made using a kind of knotting system to create a double sided pile fabric. Originally used by peasants, the rugs evolved in look and feel to become more decorative and soft and evolved to be used by the Swedish nobility.

Rya Rug
In 18th century Finland, Ryas became decorative with animal, flower, and symbolic designs. They were used in weddings and as prayer rugs. Often they were displayed in homes as tapestries or as mementos from weddings and passed down as family heirlooms.

1970's Rya Rug


1970's Rya Rugs

In the 1970's in the US, Ryas became popular. They were sold in high end retailers as well as in the mass market.

They have made a resurgence in the US with high end retailers re-creating their own version of the Ryas, emulating their styles but making them in a non traditional method of either tufting or on a loom.

Anthropologie Torridon Rug

Rya Tapestry 

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  1. I am flattered that you have an image of my woven rya rug on your website. (the ZigZag Hemp Rya Tapestry) But could you please also add a link back to my work. Thanks very much.


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