Thursday, December 18, 2014

Art Installations: Challenging the Mind

 Capturing Resonance, Collaboration with Spencer Topel (sound) (2011).

SSVT (South Strafford, Vermont) Vapor Slide (2007). Brazed chain link fence, plastic cups, paper clips, river rocks, cotton strings, iron oxide, latex paint, artificial light, daylight.

Fashion department store Marks & Spencer launched its project called Shwopping, a portmanteau of shopping and swapping, in an effort to recycle clothing and decrease waste. 

Yang Yongliang: “In this circumstance, I made a metaphorical creation of an escaping dragon, which is constricted to death, wanting to get rid of the enclosed wall.”

John Powers. Fat Bastard, 2010.

Chiharu Shiota: The appropriation of memory is the driving force behind her work and whether she examines old spaces, creates tunnels of weblike thread drawings or creates towering rooms from old windows, her installations never fail to be poignant and temporal; guiding her viewers into the past.

In its capacity to create, the human mind can often challenge itself into being the observer of a fantastic creation. And then when it all comes together the perceiver within arises to find meaning. Through the entire process the beauty of what emerges becomes the subject of awe, and in most cases inspiration to those like us!

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