Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Incredible Things

Ideas have their way of making it to design and we found some incredible things that will make you smile!

Scrabble Drink Coasters Add the Playful Puzzle to Your Drinks
Anyone who appreciates a good game of scrabble will probably enjoy the Scrabble Drink Coasters, which will add a playful element to the table. Etsy designer MadeByMarcy designed the Scrabble Drink Coasters that perfectly replicate the word scramble game. She has glued several individual wooden squares to form words that are related to specific drinks and their ingredients. There are four different designs in total and the themes include beer, wine, margaritas and coffee. Each of the items have been sprayed with sealant, which makes the coaster fully water-resistant.


Puzzling Piggy Banks to Brain Game Artistry

The Rubik’s Cube has truly stood the test of time. The 3D puzzle was invented in 1974 and has since seen many interpretations and reinventions. The design for this old-school item has appeared in everything from handbags to electronics and interior design.


Moody Bag Concept Turns any Seat into a Laid-Back Lounger
Hanna Emelie Ernsting is the designer behind the ultra cushioned and cuddly Moody Nest, which has been reinterpreted in her latest project called the Moody Bag to accommodate a chair. Instead, however, of incorporating a supportive perch into this piece, she has created a sort of smock for any old chair to wear. 

The plushy quilted upholstery looks much like an oversized pillowcase, suited to potentially cover and transform most single seats within a home or office. 

So get your cup of coffee and lounge through these quirky finds that make for incredible things to have at home!

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