Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Block Printing

Creating the design
Creating the block
Mixing the dye
Blocks and fabric
The process of block printing
Washing the fabrics
Drying the fabrics
Block printing is a method of textile printing which uses a carved wooden block to print patterns on paper or fabric. Dyes are often mixed from natural materials like dried onion skins, turmeric, and pomegranate. Fabrics are washed of impurities and then stretched across a table in preparation of the printing. Printing takes place with either one or multiple printers and the designs are often repeating patterns which have been carved from a wooden block by a master artisan. Prints can be printed with dye printing methods or mud resist printing methods.

For regular hand block printing, a master printer gently dips the wooden block in a dye tray and then stamps the fabric with one hard pound. He will repeat this from left to right, aligning the blocks perfectly to create a repeat.

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