Monday, July 11, 2011

The Sea.

The eye of the mind is constantly drawing connections, making patterns. It is in these connections that art is created, and it is in the transformation of art into functional objects that our lives are made. 

Rugs by Raj has large collections of Marine inspired carpets, particularly for those with holiday homes by the sea or in warmer areas that need cooler tones. In touring the factory, I was struck by the shape and sheer beauty of the wheels of yarn, and when I began looking to find the source of their Marine inspirations, it struck me that the shape and weight of a seashell is quite alike a spinning wheel. 

Marine inspired designs
Here is a collection of seashells and the diverse manifestations that they assume, and the wheels of yarn that finally create the rugs.


The colors of the sea contain all the elements of the earth, wind, water, fire, earth and metal. The sea is associated with vastness, with mortality and with immortality. It's air is moist, foamy yet light. A tapestry that reflects the colors of the sea necessarily reflects these emotions. Sea shells, thus are associated with that which is left behind, carved by the wind and the water, childlike, colorful, mysterious and full of treasures.

Thematically designed rugs,

Thematically designed rugs,
Wet your eyes with shells and yarn, and weave a story in whose infinite possibilities you can swim in.

Text: Wooly Eyes
Image Courtesy: Rugs by Raj collection and Google Images

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