Tuesday, August 9, 2011


The musty smell of the earth and the rain washed leaves are so inspiring this season so I made a call to Raj Overseas yesterday with a hunch. I asked them what was "in", what the trend projectors deemed "now". They said, "Well, earth tones, you know, Naturals".

For those of you who want a sneak peak into the future: THE EARTH IS IN. The Earth is always in.

The holy book of the Hindus, the Bhagvat Gita, states:

There are two aspects in Nature: the perishable and the imperishable. All life in this world belongs to the former,the unchanging element belongs to the latter.

The Earth is both this perishable and the imperishable entity: constantly in flux and immortal.

And thus it is no wonder that contemporary society will seek to harness this dual power in its efforts to allow a human being to find the natural even in the constructed.

Colors, patterns and textures that evoke the earth allow us to feel in sync not only with our original environment, but also with our original selves.

Take leaves for example, a simple and universal feature of 'Naturals'. The color green is the color that the human eye can detect the most shades of: a genetic quality that created itself during man's hunter-gatherer days.

The leaf is the part of the plant that produces food and breathes, thus cradling and nourishing the rest of its tree. Leaves, in their shape and intricate venation, are an art form that is conducive to curvilinear patterns and symbolic of the micro-macro cosmic duality of the universe.

Handicraftsman identify to leaves with shade, where they find cool, shade and beauty. In popular Indian culture, trees are associated with lovers. In the US and Europe, where Autumn is particularly apparent, the falling of leaves depicts a passing of time, a renewal, a rebirth.

And so are the placid emotions connected to water, the moist anticipation linked to the soil, the wispy carelessness associated with air, the raging romance with fire and the steely seduction of metal. Each aspect of nature creates a story, instantly, and for that reason, check out the season's Naturals, which include handwoven Jute rugs and rustic garden throws.
And in its fibers, sense the Earth's immortal mortality. To be this in touch with Nature is IN. So here is one of our many interpretations of designs inspired by the naturals of the earth.

Carolyn - Rugs by Raj
Text: Wooly Eyes
Images: Google Images and Rugs by Raj

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