Monday, November 21, 2011

Overdyed Rugs

West Elm - Empire Kilim rug

The idea of overdyed rugs originates in Turkey: it involves using the remnants of old, even vintage, carpets by sewing them together and dying over them with a single color to make it appear monochromatic. The magic, however, is in the memory of the patterns that emanate faintly from below. In India, patchwork rugs are made from recycled hand-woven rugs and overdyed. The hues are created not only in patterns, but also in the revelation of the basic weave below, so that motifs are created in form rather than motif. 

ABC Carpet - Color Reform Rug
Anthropologie - Euphrates Rug
Due to the processes involved in making the overdyed rugs, they appear as antiques.  One of the reasons why they are so special is because no single rug can be the same. The dying produces a different effect on each rug which makes every piece a unique item.

Elte - Patchwork Second Life rug

World Market - overdyed patchwork

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