Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Crochet, in French, means hook. A hook is used to pull loops of yarn through loops, over a thin piece of fabric in a taut pattern. Because of the resulting holes, a crochet piece appears lacy and feminine. It is no surprise, thus, that the aesthetic became popular in 19th century Europe, after industrialization when thread was widely available and when women stayed at home and time stretched forever. It's patterns however, due to the exponential use of thread, are hyperbolic, geometric shapes. 

There is a striking simplicity of pattern amid complexity of technique. Since then, crocheting unusual things like bags or headbands have become popular. A 21st century phenomenon, however, is called yarn bombing, a form of graffiti that wraps the steel objects of society, like lampposts and mailboxes, in blankets, then matronly crocheting over them. This becomes almost a parody of crochet, a delicate, idealistic form wrapped over the cold and steely edges of a city. It inspires beauty and warmth in a post-Darwinian landscape, so there is no wonder that it has become popular with designers and decorators in the recent years: an attempt to make the home a place of patience, time and warmth.

Chunky crochet rug

Chunky crochet

Crochet bombing

Crochet bombing

Crochet bombing

Crochet lampshades

Textile stool

Text: Wooly Eyes

Images: All the images used are purely for representation purpose and have been taken from various sources on the world wide web.

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