Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Going Green

Going Green has been the post-industrial world's eco mantra. Return to the garden, to the farm, to a lifestyle that minimizes use of the Earth's and one's own resources and maximizes happiness. Reducing our carbon footprint via alternative sources of energy--be it eating local food or traveling on a bicycle--allows the mind, body and soul to be in sync with itself and the cosmos. 

Green design--in architecture, in food, in clothing, in lifestyle in general--is an integral part of maintaining this ideal. Reuse, recycle, reduce. Use low-impact, natural materials, avoid endangered plants and animals, grow and feed organically, tread lightly. This is not only cheaper, but safer for the environment, less artificial in appearance and in harmony with personal welfare. 

Raj Overseas's Going Green collection utilizes organic materials such as wool, cotton, and jute. These materials are raw and unprocessed, retaining their natural integrity. They also utilize paper, newspaper and denim, morphing leftover materials into new, responsible ones. 

Canvas - alpaca blankets

Canvas - cotton blanket

Canvas - linen throws

Canvas - grass fiber placemat
Blu dot - Last Newspaper Rug

Viva Terra - recycled plastic rug


Viva Terra - soft stone pouf

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