Monday, May 16, 2011

The Art of Stacking

The Art of Stacking pervades India, most obviously noticed at fruit vendors, and multiplied into all forms of wares. Particularly fruit: so perishable, and constantly in flux, yet so perfectly stacked, only to be taken down every evening, and re-stacked the next morning.

The colors of the dye in the chemical laboratory of the Rugs by Raj factory. They would make good milkshakes.

Spools of yarn, stacked on shelves.

The permutations and combinations of these colors give rise to fascinating blends.

 Sun, fire, thread, completion.

When stacked together, the sheer abundance, color, weight and scale of these objects seem to lend them an anthropomorphic quality, a sublime beauty in our constructed worlds.

Images and text: Wooly Eyes

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